01. What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui translates to Wind and Water. Classical Feng Shui harmonizes your energy with that of your home to bring you good fortune, wealth, health, and better results in life. This Chinese philosophy incorporates ideologies that support you and your home in an auspicious manner.

02. Is Feng Shui a religion?

Yes and no… While I personally lean towards the philosophies of Buddhism and yoga in my everyday life, my Feng Shui business is separate from those practices and I always meet people where they are at and with whatever they believe.

03. I'm not really into "woo woo" kind of stuff.

Not to worry, neither am I!

I do like to incorporate a little bit of woo in my life (let’s say I do one woo, instead of two) —I have a few crystals, I like the chakras and singing bowls, I just bought my first salt lamp (and really love it!)—but that isn’t the foundation of the work I do with feng shui.

When I teach yoga, I prefer talking about the philosophies behind the practice, translating those into practical and useful lessons on how to live one’s life off the mat, and that’s how I operate as a practitioner of feng shui, as well.

I use the philosophy and principles to bring your life into better harmony and balance, but I’m not going to call in your spirit guides or ancestors or dance naked under the full moon to get there.

04. Isn't Feng Shui just interior design?

It’s so much more!

When we work together, I’ll start by looking at every space in your home, how it’s laid out, every dark corner and vaulted ceiling. Where does the light land, and where are the spots that you feel most comfortable?

As we navigate this space, we’ll also consider what’s happening right now in your life, your environment, work, health, relationships, finances. What do you love? What is challenging for you? What’s going right? What’s going wrong? What are your hopes and dreams, your goals?

From there, I’ll create a plan to bring your home and life into balance and harmony.

05. I live in ______ (fill in the blank). Can you help me virtually?

Yes, most definitely! While I’m based in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, I offer virtual, online consultations. I would love to support you and your home!

06. Am I going to have to buy a lot of new stuff?

I believe in minimalism and meeting people where they’re at. While I will make certain recommendations based on the assessment of you and your home, we can also discuss ways to incorporate what you already own into your environment, just in different ways.

07. Will I see instant results?

Oh if only I had a magic wand! But Feng Shui isn’t magic and life has a way of tripping us up, even when everything is perfectly placed in our homes.

Feng Shui can help us bring our lives — body, mind, heart and spirit — into better balance and harmony. But it’s still up to us to do the work and manage the bumps in the road.

08. How can I get started?

Your first step is to reach out for a complimentary consultation.  During our call, we’ll chat about what’s happening in your life and how I can best support you. Just click the button below!

Ready to work together?