All or Nothing?

When we decide to make a major change in our lives—when we want to become vegan, or transition to a life without plastic, or join the waste-free movement, for example—it can feel daunting to think about it as a giant, looming goal. It may even mean we feel unable to get started.

Where do we even begin?

If you follow social media, it seems like everyone has it all figured out—they just snap their fingers and then snap a photo of their perfectly organized, decluttered, organic life. When we’re honest with ourselves, though, we know that’s not reality, and it takes work to get where we want to go. Sometimes breaking our goal apart into smaller steps can make it easier to accomplish what we are trying to do—remembering that we can’t do everything but we can do something

We’re perfectly imperfect, after all!

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I often hear, “But plants are living beings and you kill them to eat.”

This is true, of course! Yes, plants are living beings. Yes, I eat them.

My personal belief, though, is that there is a huge difference between eating spinach and eating the flesh of a sentient being. Every cow or chicken or fish that I don’t eat means I can diminish pain and suffering in my own way.

I try my best to live with intention—including the way I feed myself—and my interactions with the planet and its inhabitants are based on respect and love. I know that there are times when I may inadvertently eat or use an animal product, and I know I can’t prevent all animals from being killed for food. But I’m doing everything I can possibly do, myself. I am perfectly imperfect.

Each choice we make intentionally, no matter how seemingly insignificant, makes a difference. If you want to use less plastic, start bringing your own produce bags to the store, or buy items packaged in glass bottles or in bulk. If you want to waste less food, think more about your meal planning and make sure to compost or plant your celery ends in the soil after rooting them in water.

There are so many tiny actions you can take to just get started. Even the smallest action is better than doing nothing!

Remember, according to the tenets of feng shui, everything is connected. When you shift the energy in your life, you intentionally create change.

I’d love for you to reflect on a change you want to make in your life and come up with a small first step to set you on the right path.

This isn’t climbing Mount Everest in an afternoon! Is there a replacement you can make on your shopping list when you visit the grocery store? Perhaps cut down on online shopping that seems too easy and convenient to be true?

Whatever it is—no matter how small—remember that you’re making a difference, one perfectly imperfect step at a time!